About seven refractory


Headquartered in Divača/Slovenia, seven refractory offers an extensive portfolio of advanced monolithic refractory materials world-wide, complemented by the project management skills of dedicated technical personnel and ISO 9001 as well as ISO 14001 certifications.


Provide the first response to the most typical customer applications for a wide range of industries: we serve the iron and steel industry with products for blast and reheating furnaces, ladles, tundish and a range of environmentally friendly taphole clays. For the cement industry, we supply a full assortment of products for burner lances, preheaters, calciners, riser ducts, smoke chambers, and kilns. In addition, our products and customer-specific solutions are utilized in aluminium plants, power generators, and reheat furnaces. Bricks Castable

Specialization in refractories


Based on a solid foundation of an international management team with decades of experience in the industry. Two modern plants – one in Asia, one in Europe – follow highest production standards while ensure the flexibility to meet customer demands.