About Sibilia

Sibilia Srl was founded in 1936 with the entrepreneurial spirit of Angelo Sibilia. The company’s first industrial reform began in 1947, with the construction of a cast iron foundry that. Since 1993, the technical direction of Sibilia was taken by Alberto Sibilia, the founder’s son, who quickly brought Sibilia to a position of worldwide leadership in the Industrial Vacuum Cleaner sector. Today we are present throughout the entire world throughout an extensive network of agencies and partners. 


ISO 9001 : 2008

Every vacuum uniti s subjected to rigorous examinations and is tested under the most heavy conditions, in order to meet the highest quality standard. Most of Sibilia’s vacuum cleaners undergo inspections by external and international boards who test the following parameters: -filtration efficiency -efficiency in the waste disposal of toxicant or dangerous material -protection against electrostatic discharges -work suitability inside explosion risk zones (Atex)