Our Groups

LaPlaya Beach Resorts


Established in 2000

A 5 stars Hotel & Resort, in Taba South Sinai, Egypt.

Includes 440 rooms, Total area 144,000 m2


Ebkot for Development & Tourism.



Established in 1996

Owner Company of LaPlaya Beach resort that is responsible for managing & marketing.

Minart For Fine Art



Established in 1989

Furniture factory & Show rooms Exporting Offices, Hotels & resorts fine art furniture to Europe, Asia & USA


Ebkot for Real Estate Investment.



Established in 1993

Based in Cairo, Egypt

Our service extended throughout Egypt to other Arab countries.

Ebkot for Trading & Agencies.


 Established in 1993 

About minaTrade


Minatrade International for import and Agencies is a privately owned company established in 1978

Chairman: Eng. Mina Morcos Guirguis

General Manager: Mrs. Sherine Guirguis 

Minatrade International core business

Our Activities are in both Fields Import & Agencies


We represent various international suppliers of cement and lime products, industrial vacuum machine products, refractory and spare parts products for cement, iron and steel, aluminium foundries by integrating the supply, logistics and technical support function.


- We have been working in the import and agencies field for more than 35 years.

- We play a major role in the international importing business as we assist many Egyptian industries in acquiring their raw materials from countries abroad.

- We are the sole agent of many international companies.

- We act on their behalf in selecting and offering appropriate products to our Egyptian clients.

- We  also  introduce  them  to  companies  that  use  refractories  and metallurgical products in Egypt.

- We assist in the shipping, processing, and payment of orders.

Hence, our services extends beyond the relatively simple task of providing the product where we play a major role in assisting with marketing international suppliers to the public, expanding their scope of supply in order to maximize their sales in Egypt, providing them with a feedback of the performance of their products in the Egyptian plants as well as the performance and prices of other competitors products.

- We have great relations and connections with the biggest private and governmental cement, steel companies and aluminium companies in Egypt.

Mission Statement


Our mission is representing and connecting overseas suppliers and exporters of refractory and metallurgical products to Egyptian cement and steel industries and to provide high quality products on time and in a cost effective manner to the Egyptian market.


To be the leading sole agent of suppliers of high quality refractory, metallurgical and spare parts products to the Egyptian Cement , iron and steel industries as well as to other refractory and spare parts consuming industries.

Our Core Values


Minatrade International provides management and staff with direction – guiding the way we act and the way we do business. Our core values set the basis for the way we meet our business objectives, the way we work with each other and the way we interact with clients, suppliers,  and others. It is our values that move us towards our vision.

We have been representing the following companies


RHI – AG Austria : for supplying Refractories for cement & steel Plants. 

Dr. Otto. : for supplying Refractories for cement & steel Plants.

RATH : for supplying Refractories for cement & steel Plants.

Samsung  : for supplying Compressors & Evaporators of refrigerators. 

DISAB & HAUGEN System – Sweden: for supplying Industrial Vacuum Machines.  

Dalian Honor Company - China: for supplying Refractories  for steel plants.

Sang Ho – Korea: for supplying Spare parts for steel & Cement Plants.